Kimpton Taconic Hotel

taconic hotelDrawing inspiration from Vermont’s grand inns of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Kimpton Taconic Hotel meets your gaze with traditional clapboard architecture and a grand front porch that invites you to let go, relax, and unwind. Beyond Kimpton Taconic’s exterior charms, you’ll find a progressive soul that’s unique among hotels in Manchester, Vermont. In short, Kimpton Taconic is all about creating special moments that stay with you.

From local skiing and snowga, to photo excursions and nature treks Kimpton Taconic Hotel rises to the occasion with a variety of guestrooms tailor-made for discerning guests, many with mountain views. As the newest addition to Southern Vermont’s lodging options, Kimpton Taconic reflects the beauty of Manchester’s four season destination with equally appealing guestrooms, suites and cottages.



3835 Main Street
Manchester, VT 05254