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When you ask Joe Hurley, the founder and executive director of the Bart J. Ruggiere Adaptive Sports Center at Bromley and Stratton mountains, “What is the secret sauce that makes the Bart Adaptive Sports programs so successful?” he says, “No question. It’s the kind of volunteers we have. The way our instructors truly care for our participants and earn their trust is the key to why and how we run the programs. It takes a lot of compassion.”

Features and Stories

Congratulations, Hadestown!

At the TONY® Awards on June 9th this year, Hadestown claimed the prize in 8 categories out of its 14 nominations—the most of any show this season. Nearly every winner thanked VERMONT!

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All Geared Up

Phase 1 of the mountain biking park opens at Stratton Resort, adding to family fun for all levels of mountain biking enthusiasts in Manchester and the Mountains.

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Blown Away

Incredibly, the fellow everyone knows as a farmer in Townshend, Vermont and the fellow who is the internationally acclaimed designer and glass artist are one and the same—Robert DuGrenier.

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An Enchanted Forest

You’ll fall in love with everything that goes on at Merck Forest & Farmland Center.

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Our State Orchestra

A chat with Executive Director Ben Cadwallader on the history and future of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra.

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  Stratton Mountain Resort Golf Course Photo Essay by Hubert Schriebl    

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Include herbs from your garden to enhance your summer cocktail spirits.


A Hidden Treasure

Dig in at Retreat Farm. This one-of-a-kind place has something for everyone.


The Little TV Station with Big Purpose

Whether it’s providing transparency in local government, coverage of local news and events, or training youth how to create their own television show, GNAT-TV expands the boundaries.


A special preview of Bomber’s Moon by Archer Mayor

New York Times best-selling author and Vermont resident Archer Mayor provides a preview of his 30th novel.

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She’s Got Game

Ever since Kathrine Switzer proved women could run the Boston Marathon and Billie Jean King schooled Bobby Riggs on the tennis court, women have embraced the joy that comes from playing sports. Whether it’s tennis, golf, hiking, or any of the other activities the Stratton area is famous for, summer is the time to get out and get sweating!


Two Frasier Alums Reunite at Dorset Theatre Festival in Slow Food

Peri Gilpin and Dan Butler’s paths cross in Southern Vermont as they play a married couple in search of a meal in an upcoming comedy by Wendy MacLeod.

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What’s UP On the Mountain

With another $6.5 million in capital projects outlined for Stratton, guests will see enhancements in the entire mountain experience, starting with the launch of lift-served mountain biking later this summer.

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Summertime BBQ Favorites

My most memorable summer days were spent running around outside, getting grass stains on my knees, smelling subtle wafts of smoke and char as the grill heats up, and feasting on the many barbecues throughout the summer months.

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all along the clocktower
All Along the Clocktower

With the presence of Burton Snowboards, the U.S. Open Championships, and one of the earliest machine-built half-pipes at Stratton Mountain, the local population led the vanguard as the sport ventured from the fringe to the mainstream…

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sunrise at stratton mountain
If The Mountain Could Speak

If the mountain could speak, perhaps it would say… It’s winter at Stratton—my favorite time of year. Everything is so busy from morning to night, always in the best condition and ready for you to enjoy. I AM THE MOUNTAIN…

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tubing at stratton mountain
After The Last Run

There’s no shortage of après ski activities to make the most of your time in the mountains. So take off those ski boots, stash your gear, and get ready to savor all that Stratton has to offer…