The Art of Photography

Artworks By Stephen Schaub

stephen schaub girl in red hat

Girl in Red Hat. Instant positive with hybrid encaustic process. Pigment on handmade amate paper. 39″ x 39″


“Schaub’s sense of materials, multidimensional space and extraordinary technical ability must be seen in person to be completely understood and appreciated.”
– David Schutz, Vermont State Curator

“People often ask me: ‘What is this? Is this a painting? Is this photography?” artist Stephen Schaub says of his artwork’s unique look.

Trained as a photographer, Schaub’s work combines the traditional capture of film with cutting-edge technologies and rare and handmade materials from around the world. The result is a hybrid medium of his own creation. “No one else in the world is doing this,” he explains. “I have a conception of how I want it to look, and I work it backward as to how to get there.”

Each piece is created as a “one-of-one”: a singular, unique work of art. In them, rather than experiencing a literal place or a linear story, we encounter something akin to the fragmentation of a memory–or the illogic of a dream. Schaub’s works–evocative, lyrical, at times haunting–have been described as “art dreaming about itself.”

This summer Schaub is curating and participating in the exhibition I Choose Film: Film Photography in the 21st Century at The Elizabeth de C. Wilson Museum and Galleries at the Southern Vermont Arts Center, running July 8 through August 27. The exhibition celebrates the current renaissance being enjoyed by film in the artistic world.

Dorset Field, Rupert Barn, Vermont Stephen Schaub

Dorset Field, Rupert Barn, Vermont. In-camera multiple exposure. Pigment on handmade amate paper. 39″ x 84″

green apples stephen schaub

Green Apples. Instant positive with hybrid encaustic process. Pigment on handmade amate paper. 39″ x 39″

laundry stephen schaub

Laundry. Instant positive with hybrid encaustic process. Pigment on handmade amate paper. 39″ x 39″

Schaub is represented by Helmholz Fine Art in both New York City and Manchester, Vermont. His show From Far Away opens at Helmholz Fine Art in Manchester on July 15.