The Untamed Horse

“The image is of the alpha stallion that lives in the wild on the barrier islands of the Rachel Carson Reserve near Beauford, North Carolina. He is known as ‘Wavelength’ by the locals and is as powerful and commanding as he is gentle and curious. He embodies all that a wild horse is and is, without question, the one I never tire of watching and photographing,” says artist Lisa Cueman.

A chromogenic print is the result of exposing the digital file with multiple laser lights onto a light sensitive paper. Once exposed, the paper is passed through several conventional chemical baths bringing the image to life on paper. In its simplest form, it is similar to traditional darkroom printing techniques.

photographer: Lisa Cueman 40 x 60” chromogenic print

From the gallery show The Untamed Horse at Helmholz Fine Art in Manchester July 16–Aug. 14