Grassroots Solar

Grassroots Solar will help you choose the best system for you! Our system designer will come to your home or business, evaluate your site and make recommendations about the best way for you to reduce or eliminate your electric bill. We will evaluate your current electrical consumption and see if we can bring your electric bill to net-zero.

We have been selected as a SunPower Authorized Dealer, joining a network of more than 1,800 solar companies worldwide that sell, install and service SunPower products.

SunPower dealers handle every step of the solar process for customers including system design, installation, monitoring and maintenance, as well as financing, permitting, and rebate processing. SunPower carefully selects dealers based on exceptional customer service, premier system design and installation practices, and expert solar knowledge and leadership. SunPower dealers also complete regular, in-depth training on SunPower products and services ensuring SunPower systems provide lasting value to customers.