Macrame Maverick

Lauren Kabis built Vermont Macrame into a thriving, independent craft business.


Rock the House with Love

R. Fells Foster speaks on his fun and funky new Christmas album, “Rock the House with Love!”—and the creative process behind it.


Stone & Steel

Vermont Rocks creates inventive and beautiful home décor pieces using locally-sourced stones.


Behind the Lines

Southern Vermont’s preeminent tattoo artists share the secrets behind their success.


Benjamin Ward & SQD Gallery

A candid conversation with one of the Vermont arts scene’s rising stars.



This year, many of Southern Vermont’s cultural institutions are bringing their performances outdoors. We, at Stratton Magazine, had the privilege of speaking with the owners, directors, and executive staff of some of Vermont’s most beloved cultural organizations, who provided crucial details regarding their summer plans.


Manchester Christmas

An exclusive printing of the first chapter from EMMY ® Award winning journalist John Gray’s brand-new novel, Manchester Christmas.


A Rare Jewel

An inside look at the fabled Southern Vermont getaway of Rudyard Kipling, one of history’s most beloved writers.


The Odd Potato

A family recognizes the blessings of Hanukkah in all of their forms.


Pillow Talk

Manchester’s Chandler 4 Corners makes pillows, rugs, furniture, and other accessories that put the accent on outdoor adventures, coastal living, and the country life.


Vermont Abstracted in the ’60s

The 1960s were a time of social, political, and cultural upheaval; and Vermont was at the epicenter of much of it. Two new exhibitions at the Bennington Museum, Fields of Change and Color Fields explore the
tumultuous decade and its effect on the art world and the world as we know it today.

Summer Reading

A special preview of Bomber’s Moon by Archer Mayor

New York Times best-selling author and Vermont resident Archer Mayor provides a preview of his 30th novel.


Two Frasier Alums Reunite at Dorset Theatre Festival in Slow Food

Peri Gilpin and Dan Butler’s paths cross in Southern Vermont as they play a married couple in search of a meal in an upcoming comedy by Wendy MacLeod.

Out and About

thriving spaces globe
SVAC Thriving Spaces

Several veteran street artists took their work from the city to the canvas to create brand-new works for the show, and many painted vans, doors, and other structures on the SVAC campus as they mingled with visitors…

Out and About

Gallery Happenings

George Kalinsky, who has been behind the lens for some of the greatest moments in sports, presented some of his most iconic images at Southern Vermont Arts Center this summer…


quilt by andrew sas waterwheel house quilts
Common Threads

Take two layers of fabric, either whole cloth or patchwork, layer filling between the two, and stitch it all together, plain or fancy. Technically speaking, you have just made a quilt. But why stop there?…


arlington vermont illustrators
The Age of Illustration

In the 1940s, Arlington, Vermont was home to five Saturday Evening Post illustrators: Norman Rockwell, Mead Schaeffer, Gene Pelham, John Atherton, and George Hughes. Their work collectively created a vision of hope and possibility for the United States at a time of genuine uncertainty and fear. But how did New York City native Norman Rockwell and his peers end up in Arlington, Vermont? Joshua Sherman talks with renowned illustration expert Roger Reed to find out…

Last Word

joshua sherman and friends
The Summer of ’92

Summer of ’42 is a classic coming-of-age story, focused on the romantic recollections of a teen during his summer vacation. It was the summer of ’92 that changed my life. I was a 12-year-old theatre kid from Kansas obsessed with all things B-R-O-A-D-W-A-Y, but that summer, my mom and dad Eileen and Neal, my sister Jenny, and I, were in Manchester, Vermont, working on a new musical…


play it again sam dorset players
The Dorset Players Celebrate Their 90th Anniversary

In 1927, a group of Dorset residents came together with the intention to produce a play for all of their friends and neighbors. The group became known as The Dorset Players and during the past 90 years, they…


wings al hirschfeld
Al Hirschfeld: An Artistic Legacy

For nine decades, Al Hirschfeld’s art defined the world of the performing arts primarily through his drawings of productions on Broadway and in Hollywood. He captured the first half century of television and recorded more musicians than any record, CD, or mp3. Now, for a limited time, a unique gallery of his drawings and prints comes to Manchester…