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STORY BY BENJAMIN LERNER PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY THE WILBURTON After 75 years as a country inn, The Wilburton Inn has transformed into The Wilburton Destination Resort. Specializing in family reunions, destination weddings, and ski season vacation homes, the private 30-acre hilltop estate features an array of lodging options that range from suites to cottages, as well […]


A Rare Jewel

An inside look at the fabled Southern Vermont getaway of Rudyard Kipling, one of history’s most beloved writers.


Hidden Treasures

Vermont’s classic car community comes out to play.

Out and About

flags 4 freedom
The Four Freedoms Festival

It was a neighbor’s remarks at a town hall meeting in Arlington, Vermont that inspired Norman Rockwell’s iconic Freedom of Speech painting—and 75 years later, Southern Vermont once again celebrated those four freedoms with the inaugural 4 Freedoms Festival…


arlington vermont illustrators
The Age of Illustration

In the 1940s, Arlington, Vermont was home to five Saturday Evening Post illustrators: Norman Rockwell, Mead Schaeffer, Gene Pelham, John Atherton, and George Hughes. Their work collectively created a vision of hope and possibility for the United States at a time of genuine uncertainty and fear. But how did New York City native Norman Rockwell and his peers end up in Arlington, Vermont? Joshua Sherman talks with renowned illustration expert Roger Reed to find out…


the mill east arlington
Create 4 Freedom Contest

The CREATE 4 FREEDOM ℠ Contest 2018 offers students the unique opportunity to test their own creativity and problem-solving abilities. THE MILL, in association with the 4 Freedoms Festival, LLC, is proud to announce the contest, which challenges today’s high school students to examine the meaning of freedom in 2018…


norman rockwell freedom from want
The Four Freedoms

Inspired by the words of FDR, Norman Rockwell wanted to show on canvas what the president’s concept of four freedoms truly meant, and why Americans felt compelled to send their brave, young men and women into harm’s way…


"Early Vermont" Gallery Bennington Museum
“Early Vermont” Gallery Opens at Bennington Museum

A permanent installation with rotating textiles, this gallery presents life in Vermont from the time when the earliest European settlers arrived in 1761 with only the bare necessities to the early 1800s when Vermont craftsmen achieved a level of sophistication rivaling Boston and New York…


dellwood cemetary manchester vermont
Deep In The Dell

The main avenue, commencing at the entrance, winds artistically over the more elevated ground to the valley beneath. How does this not seem like the most scenic and most desirable parcel of real estate in all of Manchester?…


southern vermont arts center yester house
Yester House

Around New England, a 100-year-old residence is no big deal–there are thousands of buildings and houses far older. But, there is one century-old home off West Road in Manchester Village that merits a nod of recognition and a bit of a celebration. It is called Yester House and it is on the campus of the Southern Vermont Arts Center…


manchester vermont history
Public Servants of the Past

Being an election season and all, I thought it would be interesting to highlight a few post–American Revolution civic-minded and legislative leaders who have called Manchester home.


manchester grist mill 1800s
The Grist Mill Then and Now

The Grist Mill has been a fixture of Manchester Center’s streetscape since it was rebuilt in the 1840s by Myron Clark, replacing the original mill constructed in the 1790s by Timothy Meade…


10 Little-Known Facts About Vermont

For such a small state, Vermont seems to have an endless supply of fun facts.


Graveyard in Snow
Hidden Histories

Vermont’s graveyards have their share of famous residents…but theirs are not the only interesting stories to be found among the ancient tombstones.

From the Publisher

Stratton Magazine 50th Anniversary Issue
From The Editors

“ We still are all about a special place and the people here and a way of living and looking at life. We’ve always done that. And we still do.”
– Lee Romano,


She Also Served

Never too short


A Fifteen Round Writer

One of the great storytellers of American journalism lives here and I’ve come to visit him.


Vermont’s Highway of Snow

Skiing end-to-end and inn-to-inn on the Catamount Trail


The Wild Wild West

Twice a year the West River is the scene of some of the most avid whitewater kayaking and canoeing in the country.


Life at the Top

Artists Hugh and Jean Joudry live in the summer house of their dreams—no electricity, no phone … and the view is to die for.