SPOTLIGHT: Joshua Smith

An uplifting and informative Q&A with the gifted, Southern Vermont-based interior designer, Joshua Smith, who brings love, light, and beauty to the homes and lives of his clients.


Powering Up with Zeb Powell

A candid Q&A with X Games Gold Medalist and Stratton Mountain School (SMS) Alumnus Zeb Powell about his off-season workout plan, his ties to Stratton Mountain, and his plans for the upcoming season.


Stratton Spotlight: Liz Putnam

The Bennington Garden Club honors the legacy and impact of the Student Conservation Association and its founder, Liz Putnam, through a celebratory event at The Arlington Common


Handmade Harmony

Southern Vermont luthier Will Mosheim of Seeders Instruments sheds light on the artisanal craft process behind his exquisite heirloom-quality instruments.

Features and Stories

Carson Thurber
SPOTLIGHT: Carson Thurber

A candid conversation with Stratton Mountain School’s new Head of School, Carson Thurber.


American Made. Guaranteed for Life.

The subtitle on the J.K. Adams catalogue, “American made. Guaranteed for life,” may not tell you all you need to know about the wood and slate kitchenware products made by the 75-year-old company based in Dorset, Vermont, but it sure is close.


Blown Away

Incredibly, the fellow everyone knows as a farmer in Townshend, Vermont and the fellow who is the internationally acclaimed designer and glass artist are one and the same—Robert DuGrenier.


Two Frasier Alums Reunite at Dorset Theatre Festival in Slow Food

Peri Gilpin and Dan Butler’s paths cross in Southern Vermont as they play a married couple in search of a meal in an upcoming comedy by Wendy MacLeod.