Mountain Milestones

Maggie Horigan of Stratton Real Estate shares the heartwarming, multi-generational story of her family’s deep connection to Stratton

For decades, families and friends have flocked to Stratton’s picturesque slopes, making beautiful memories that strengthen their bonds. From the lifts and lofty summits to the Village and its inviting shops; parents, couples, children, and visitors of all ages find ample opportunities to enjoy unforgettable shared experiences.


Maggie Horigan and her husband, Craig, celebrating with family at their wedding

This is reflected in the story of Maggie Horigan, whose multi-generational ties to Stratton have come full-circle through her work as Real Estate Marketing Manager for Stratton Real Estate. Horigan plays a direct role in helping families find the perfect home at Stratton, where they can make memories every bit as priceless as the ones she has cherished here with her family. In honor of Stratton Magazine’s 60th Anniversary, Horigan shared the story of her family’s journey at Stratton, offering a glimpse into the life-changing milestones and special moments that they have celebrated together.

“It all started with my father’s side of the family,” shares Horigan. “They began coming to Stratton in the early 1960s.” Horigan’s grandparents, Richard and Marie Horigan, first ventured to Stratton in search of a welcoming skiing destination with their seven children. They rented a house in Dorset initially, but it was Stratton’s warmth and hospitality that truly captured their hearts. After skiing at Stratton for several years, the Horigans found and purchased a home here. Horigan’s grandfather played a pivotal role in the Stratton community, investing in the bonds that supported the initial growth of the resort.

This page and opposite: The Horigan family through the years on the Stratton slopes

As years passed, the Horigans’ connection to Stratton only deepened. Maggie’s father, Timothy, was the oldest of the siblings. He was drawn to the mountain’s allure from a young age. “He just loved it so much,” shares Horigan. “When he and my mom, Judy, first started dating, they would spend their weekends skiing together.” Their love story blossomed amidst Stratton’s snowy slopes, culminating in a romantic proposal atop the old Grizzly chairlift. Maggie explains, “I subsequently grew up skiing at Stratton with my brother Conor and sisters Hannah and Brigid. We all learned to ski in Stratton’s Junior Race program.” Raised in nearby Saratoga County, New York, she spent many of her weekends honing her skills on the snow. From the Little Cub ski program to the Junior Race Team, skiing at Stratton became more than just a pastime for Horigan—it was a way of life. Reflecting on her family’s Stratton traditions, Horigan shares how her family marked the beginning and end of each ski season: “We always made it a point to ski together on opening day and take the last runs of the season as a family.” Fond memories of Stratton’s Easter Parade evoke a sense of nostalgia, with Horigan recalling the joy of dressing up and promenading through the village.

During her college years, Horigan worked as a ski instructor at Stratton during school breaks, and she taught lessons, as well. After graduating, she found herself drawn back to Stratton. The freshly-groomed trails held a magnetic pull, offering both thrilling ski runs and a palpable sense of belonging that kept her coming back. Horigan’s return to Stratton heralded a new chapter in her family’s story, and she seized the opportunity to build a thriving career. She started working at Stratton full-time in 2010. Initially, she worked at the front desk, then transitioned into group sales. It was a progressive path forward, which was marked by continual growth and opportunity.


Horigan’s ties to Stratton continued to extend beyond the professional realm, intertwining with additional family milestones. In 2015, her brother Conor exchanged vows with his beloved Ali with a fairytale wedding held at Stratton. “Conor and Ali’s love story is deeply connected to Stratton. They met each other when they were ski racing here as kids, and they ended up saying ‘I do’ in the place where it all started.” Horigan’s sister, Hannah, captured the essence of their families’ shared love for Stratton in a heartfelt toast, weaving together memories of ski races, family ski lessons, and the joy of growing up here. “To see my brother getting married at the same place where our parents fell in love was beautiful,” says Horigan.

Today, Maggie’s parents continue to ski at Stratton, as does her uncle, Richard “Duke” Horigan and his family. Stratton serves as a focal point for reunions and shared family adventures. Horigan herself also found love at Stratton, where she met her husband, Craig. “It’s funny how life works out sometimes. The COVID pandemic brought us together in unexpected ways, and now we’re building our future here together.” In 2021, Horigan found herself stepping into a new role as Real Estate Marketing Manager for Stratton Real Estate —a position that felt like a natural progression.

Horigan believes that beyond the slopes, what makes Stratton an ideal destination for weddings, reunions, and family getaways is its welcoming, family-oriented culture. “It’s the sense of community that sets it apart.” For Horigan, Stratton Village also brings back fond recollections of childhood adventures and shared moments with friends and family. “Growing up, the village was our playground,” she reminisces. “It’s a safe, welcoming space where parents can relax while their kids explore and create lifelong memories.” For couples and young families contemplating taking the leap of faith and purchasing a home at Stratton, Horigan’s message is clear: “It’s worth it. The memories, the friendships, and the sense of community is priceless. Whether you’re buying a property or enrolling your kids in the ski program, Stratton isn’t just a place to visit—it’s a real home.”