Puzzle Family Fun

crossword puzzle


1 Color designating an intermediate trail
3 After ski activities
8 Making a S to go down the slope
9 Your favorite mountain resort
13 Black and white on the side of Vermont roads
14 Ski trail: Lower ____
15 Video camera for skiers and riders
16 Wear goggles to help you do this
17 It bites but has no teeth
20 Pull this down for lift safety
22 A woman’s best friend and an expert trail
23 It burns in fireplaces
24 Skating arena material
25 Has a thumb but no fingers
27 School at the mountain (abbr.)
29 Toboggan for example
30 Machines that blow snow
31 No friends on these days
32 The Base ____ 
1 There’s one on the resort entrance sign
2 Ski lift to the summit
4 Toast marshmallows over one
5 It shines over peaks and slopes
6 Short for mountain
7 Stratton Mountain was the first major resort to allow this
10 Fastest skiing contest
11 Stargazer Snowshoe _____
12 Careful not to catch an _____
13 World ____
14 They smell so good near the gondola
16 Slope____
18 Make them on fresh snow
19 These are pointy and make the trees glisten
20 Lock them into to your binding
25 A ski slope bump
26 Get your skis or board waxed and ___
28 LET IT ____   
























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