Embracing Winter


girl on snow

Every year, just as soon as the snowflakes start falling, I recall my early years growing up in northeastern Pennsylvania west of the Poconos. We only enjoyed winter when we had occasional snow days and went sledding in the local park. Fast forward, to the present. For my family and me, winter is not only “occasionally” enjoyed, it is a cherished and celebrated time. As temperatures fall and winter rolls in, you can actually feel the reawakening of the mountain when the snow guns roar to life signaling that another great season is here. We hail those in mountain operations! See the spectacular job they do in the pages that follow.
With the elections behind us, January is a time of inaugurations. In our Profile and Good Works sections, we highlight those in public service. We had the distinct pleasure and opportunity to meet one-on-one with Governor-elect Phil Scott, and learn more about his views and ambitions for our state’s future. With assistance from the Manchester Historical Society, we glimpse into the past at public servants who formed and served Manchester and the Mountains.
If you are considering a permanent change of pace and settling here with your family, read our ABCs of Education article about the incredible options available for your children to learn and thrive in this community.
So if your thing is skiing or snurfing, shopping or spa-ing, boarding or books, eating and entertaining, hot chocolate and hot tubs—pack up using our Ski Trip Checklist and head to the mountains as another winter season is upon us. Let’s celebrate its beauty along with each of the truly wonderful seasons ahead for all of us in 2017.
Wishes of health and happiness in the new year. Come and embrace winter!
—Marcia Lissak