A Glimpse of Things to Come

Letter from The Publisher

ON BEHALF OF all Stratton Magazine readers, I am extending the warmest thanks and best wishes to Lee Romano for his many years of dedication and endless contributions to this fine publication and our community. Also my personal thanks for passing the baton to me.

It is an honor and privilege to be the new publisher of Stratton Magazine. Here’s a glimpse of some things to come.

Showcasing our stunning surroundings and lifestyle is paramount. Through our editorial content, we hope to share with our readers the projects and people who make Manchester and the surrounding communities strong and vibrant.

Through collaborations with our advertising partners, we will be sponsoring events — concerts in the summer as well as a Home Improvement Expo over Columbus Day weekend.

New for 2016 will be a Holiday Issue introduced in early November celebrating family, and featuring products from local retailers to aid with gift giving and entertaining.

The Winter Issue will focus on the great schools in our area. We will also provide a guide to buying everything from real estate to sports equipment and provide tips on how to enjoy the winter — on and off the snow.

Our new look will be executed by the same pros who have been with the magazine for many years. In this issue we present some new departments and these will alternate with others over time. The events calendar is condensed in print but expanded on our website and can be experienced through social media. Our design will continue to evolve. Our team is creative and enthusiastic!

Our goals are many, but above all we look forward to a great partnership with you as we strive to produce a magazine whose words celebrate all we cherish in Vermont. We will:

work out with you at yoga, biking, golf and running events; and

sit quietly experiencing the sunrises, sunsets, the birds and the views. We will …

make music with you and with classical, techno, rock, and pop artists and …

make a splash in our swimming holes and with our kayaks, paddleboards and canoes. If you’re opening a new chapter, we will …

give you away at our wedding venues … and, in sickness and in health, we will …

care for you at our fine health care facilities. Together we will …

enjoy our fabulous farm to table food and hope to

send you to therapy — retail that is! Let us

entertain you at performances in our outstanding theaters, at galleries and museums and with speakers and authors.

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