Something in your home is naked. I hope it isn’t your windows.

There are times when I bring up the subject of window treatments to my clients that I see a panicked, deer in the headlights kind of look in their eyes. More often than not I hear, “My spouse likes to keep the windows clear so they can look out at the view.” Fair enough as we Vermonters are lucky enough to usually have the kind of views most people in other less scenic states would envy. Nature is the best decorator, after all. But why not frame that scene with a beautifully designed, well thought out, functional window treatment that calls attention to that hard earned view. And for all you naked window homeowners out there, take notice that when the sun goes down your cold, undressed window turns into a black hole. Yes, a black hole. It happens every night.

Window treatments like most things in the marketplace have come a long way. They are no longer the little old lady lace affair with polyester sheer under drapes and the style and price varies widely to fit any desire or budget. Think of draperies and shades as clothing for your window – you can dress them up in designer duds or ready to wear.For the do-it-yourselfer, the ready-made market is the way to go. If you want a more custom approach you must go to a pro as the details to work out and the choices are endless: with a wide array of decorative rods, a world of fabric choices and trims galore.

I like to think of windows as if they are people, with strong bones to highlight and weak features to downplay, and dress them accordingly. There are many visual tricks you can employ to fool the eye. For example, if you hang the draperies inches higher than the top of the window frame and place the brackets as far to the left and right as possible your windows will look much larger and grander. All of sudden your plain, uninteresting, ‘wouldn’t get a second glance’ window becomes the star of the room.

I have seen it time and again: wonderful furnishings, carpeting, art and accessories are set in place, but a room is never really finished until the draperies are hung with care. Like magic, the draperies pull the whole scene together, raise the eye up high and wrap everything in a warm embrace. Finally your windows are fully dressed and ready for company.

-Feathering Your Nest