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Interview with Owner Bill Pronovost

Photos courtesy P & F Appliance Inc



What sets P & F Appliance apart from its competitors?

Customer service is number one. We service everything we sell as well as most other products on the market. We feel customer service is something we’re losing in this country. We started in 1979 as a small mom-and-pop shop. We’re focused on the customer, not just pushing boxes out the door like the big box stores. You’re not just a number here, and that’s what differentiates us from others. I think it shows because our sales are constantly booming, we have a flawless record with the Better Business Bureau, we have awesome employees and we are constantly getting compliments from our customers.


What are your biggest challenges?

Sales and how competitive the market has gotten. Everyone has a smart phone and can look up prices and that gets more challenging every year. We deal with it by offering great customer service and offering what others can’t because we service everything we sell. Also, because we do a ton of service we can promote the products we know are reliable and will last our customers a long time.

What are currently the most popular brands that you sell?

Our top-selling brands are GE, Samsung, Bosch and Frigidaire.

What are the current trends in appliances?

Stainless steel is still the leader in sales but there are some new colors people like. GE offers slate and black slate and everyone is offering black stainless now. GE is trying to bring back white and just introduced its new CafĂ© line; white appliances with four different color handles. It’s a very pretty, fresh look.

Do you sell to more primary or second-homeowners and how do their choices differ?

I would guess our customers are about 60 percent primary homeowners and 40 percent second-homeowners. The second-homeowners try to keep things more simplified because the appliances are often being used by a lot of different people or the home could be a rental property. Although you might think second-homeowners are going for all the super-duper stuff, it’s usually more basic. That said, we do sell a lot of status brands but that is a different market.

What should consumers look for when buying a new appliance?

Energy efficiency is the number one thing, followed by ease of cleaning and aesthetics. Efficiency is huge now and where everything is headed as far as bettering the environment. Our salespeople are well versed and can bring that knowledge to consumers who may not be that knowledgeable about efficiency.


P & F Appliance Inc
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