Maple Open House Weekend

Maple Weekend

2016 Vermont Maple Sugar Maker Association Events


Mmmmm…. Maple!

Warm spring days are signs that sugar season is near. Vermont produces over 1 million gallons of maple syrup each year. On April 2 and 3, you and your family are invited to see some of the state’s 1,500 sugar houses in action and the process from sap to syrup during the annual Vermont Maple House Open Weekend.

Each year, maple producers and farmers invite visitors to tour the grounds, ask questions, and get some sweet samples, including doughnuts, sugar on snow, maple candy, cream, syrup, pancake breakfasts and much more.

What exactly is syrup? How is syrup made? Where is it made? There’s no better place to learn all about syrup and the process than Southern Vermont. Discover more about Vermont’s shortest, yet sweetest, season this April 2 and 3.

Visit the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association for up-to-date information and a full list of participating sugarhouses across the state.