We’re All In This Together…Aren’t We?

When you own a house you sometimes feel as though you’re at war. Not one of those epic, all-or-nothing clashes where, in the end, only the winner is left standing. More like one of those modern “low intensity” wars where one side makes a move and the other reacts and, at the end of the day, nothing much has changed. It is the same old stalemate but both sides have paid a price.

You sometimes feel alone in this fight. Alone and outgunned. You are up against age & decay, various animals to include bats in the attic and carpenter ants where wood has gotten wet and rotted and, above all, with the weather. Everything from ice dams in the winter to hail stones in the summer. Your house can be struck by lightening or, in the same thunderstorm, a high wind might drop a three or four hundred pound branch from a pine tree squarely on your roof. Read more…


-Geoffrey Norman