Pie Top Table

So, my designer friend, Nina, wanted ‘something unusual’ for the top of the antique table base that she bought at Brimfield below.  had to be round.  I scratched my head for a bit, and this is what we came up with.
It’s a very cool thing.  kind of like a piano stool.  i wish i had taken a picture of the raising mechanism.  That knob in the middle of the shaft locks it at whatever height you tighten it at.  It’s got an acme thread adjusting shaft and a spinning collar that raises and lowers the top.  at the bottom it’s about 22″ high, and at the top. About 38″. Very slick.  I’m sort of stumped as to its original purpose, but it is really well made and very stable.
A 14″ wide piece of glued up reclaimed oak, cut into four ‘pie shaped’ pieces, and glued up. We had to special order the 2014 silver dollar as our local banks didn’t have any. We tried a bunch of different patina chemicals on it, but the only thing that worked was a soak
in good old chlorox for about an hour .. it wasn’t ‘perfect’, but a little black sharpie and it was ‘good enough.
We cheated by throwing the plank up on the cnc and cutting it there for a 10 minute perfect fit and glue up.

-Dorset Custom Furniture