Pop Up Television Cabinet

We sent a new ‘pop up’ television cabinet off to California last week.  We’ve done a few of them over the years and we thought when we started out that it would be an exact copy, only slightly larger, of the piece below we made back in  2006 or so.
As it turned out, while the designers (a famous California firm) were working on the project, the clients changed the main motif from ‘country’ to ‘something more contemporary’ , like ‘mid century modern’, which required a different finish. We sent it out ‘ready to finish’ and we’ll all be interested to see what it looks like when it is installed later this week.

It’s basically a plywood box with a decorative exterior composed of panels hung on it.

To keep the total height lower, we recessed the base of the lift into the base of the cabinet.
Post and frame and panel construction throughout.
It’s pretty wide at 68″, so luckily the doors will only be opened to access
and set up the audio/video components inside
Home stretch
The cabinet sits in front of an open stair railing and all sides and ends are visible.



-Dorset Custom Furniture