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Interview with Owner Mark Falango
Photos courtesy Knight Tubs, Pools & Spas


What is your approach to your business that differentiates you from competitors?

For 35 years we have been selling and servicing hot tubs. We are dedicated to providing prompt personalized service before, during, and especially after the sale of a new hot tub. We personalize our service so that everyone enjoys their hot tub experience. It’s certainly part of the skiing and recreational experience here in Vermont.

What are the current trends in hot tubs?

Outdoor living is a huge trend all over the country and it goes hand-in-hand with that. Some of the higher-end tubs have touchscreen displays and some can be controlled remotely with an app on your phone. There are a lot more lighting options and some of the nicer tubs have exterior lighting as well. Our best-selling tubs will hold five to six people.


How have hot tubs changed during the years?

Jacuzzi started more than 70 years ago with the Jacuzzi family. They were a family of winemakers and one of their children had a condition that required hydrotherapy to ease his pain. They developed a submersible pump that evolved into today’s hot tubs. During the years, the tubs have become much more efficient. Also, as all of us are getting more athletic, the jets have gotten stronger. And, of course, there’s the social aspect. Skiing and snowboarding go hand-in-hand with hot tubs. It’s all part of the apres-ski experience. Hot tubs also are therapeutic; a hot tub can be quite relaxing. My wife and I use ours on a regular basis because, let’s face it, we’re not getting any younger.

Are most of your customers second-homeowners?

About 90 percent, but it’s trending downward. In the past couple of years we’ve seen more local clientele and more business clientele. High-end second homes absolutely have to have hot tubs, but we also sell a lot of tubs to rental properties. It’s much easier to rent a place to the ski and snowboard crowd if you have a hot tub. When you are competing with other ski homes in the area—and they have hot tubs—you need one, too.

What should consumers look for when purchasing a hot tub?

Look for an efficient tub. One with a good filtration system will make it easier to clean the water. UV lights also help kill bacteria and will cut down on chemical consumption. And I like to point out to our customers that if something goes wrong with their tub they can’t just drive it to a service station. We have a staff of technicians who are factory trained by Jacuzzi, and if something does arise they can service it. You can buy a less expensive tub at Home Depot, but if something goes wrong it can be a challenge to find someone to fix it. We stand behind everything we sell and we are going to make sure everything is right so when you show up on Friday night for the weekend, your hot tub is ready to use.


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