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Interview with Owners Chris and Niki Conte
Photos courtesy Northshire Living


What is special about the services you offer?

There are several ways to work with us so that clients can tailor our services to fit their budget, timeline and level of involvement. Probably the most popular option is our full service remodeling. These services include all materials and full installation and project management. We can even add on our five star finish which includes stocking the fridge, luxe linens, and custom tailored toiletries so clients truly don’t need to worry about a thing.



What is your favorite room to design and renovate?

It probably has got to be the kitchen, it’s the heart of the home. But we also really love getting to do a space with a theme or a purpose that allows us to be really creative and think outside the box, whether it’s a nursery, a kid space, a bunk room, game room, or man-cave. Spaces like that allow us to be a little more playful, and that is always so much fun.

How would you describe your style?

Our style is definitely influenced by both traditional and modern thinking. We love to make a home the best version of itself and try not to mold it into something it’s not, while still putting a bit of our spin on it. What are your customers looking for in their kitchen remodels? People don’t want to be too trendy. Kitchens are a big investment and our clients want them to last 10 to 20 years so they are looking for designs that are classic and timeless, but they also want it to look modern and cool.

What are some of the new trends in kitchen design?

In general, fewer upper cabinets and more floating shelves. As far as the lower cabinets, we are doing a lot more drawers. It’s more accessible storage. No one likes bending down and digging around in the back of a cabinet. We also do a lot of custom elements like range hoods. Quartz has replaced granite as the countertop of choice. It’s less maintenance, but our favorite surface is Dekton, a porcelain-based quartz with a huge array of gorgeous patterns. It’s heat proof, exterior rated, totally non-porous, (perfect for Kosher or commercial spaces), and sustainably manufactured.

What are the hot colors now?

White is still very popular, it’s a classic look that everyone likes. Bold colors are becoming popular again. We just installed a midnight blue kitchen that is very pretty. Earth colors are big, and we’re seeing more dark greens and pretty stains with grays and blues. A kitchen island is a good place to put a pop of color. We even had a client do one bright orange door because they wanted the trash
container to be self-explanatory!


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