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The Vermont Challenge

In its 5th year, The Vermont Challenge brought hundreds of cyclists to the roads of Southern Vermont for four days of riding. Varied routes and picturesque scenery made for the perfect route for all types of riders. The weekend was such a success that dates for the 2017 event have already been announced!    


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Dorset Mountain Biking

Miles and his friend and fellow biking enthusiast Kevin Harrington spent nearly 40 hours just laying out the course. “Then the real fun started. Clearing out the debris, packing it all down, making it smooth while leaving the occasional root — this is mountain biking after all — eleven feet of progress per person per hour was a good rate of speed,” Joe said.


Bikers in Manchester Center Vermont
A Biking Mecca

The arrival of the Vermont Challenge coincides with a surge of interest in road and mountain biking around Manchester, which saw the formation of a biking taskforce in 2010. Efforts have continued ever since to build Manchester as a biking destination hub, and since 2013, the group called Manchester + Mountains (MMBC) Bicycle Club has installed bike racks, a bike repair station in the center of town, built biking trails and given help and support to events like the Vermont Challenge.


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R U Up 4 a Challenge?

What the New York Marathon is to the five boroughs, the Vermont Challenge is to our community.