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Taste of Vermont

Bringing foodies together year after year, Stratton Community Foundation’s Taste of Vermont hosts a variety of vendors and artisans from around the area to highlight their talents and to raise some funds for charity. This past year, Stratton welcomed nearly 50 different restaurants, chefs, and businesses. Each participant has the chance to win prizes such […]


Vermont Cheddar Street Corn

  6 ears of Dutton Farm corn 1 clove garlic, finely minced Zest of 1 lime Juice of 1 lime ½ teaspoon chili powder ¼ cup mayonnaise 1 Tablespoon sour cream ½ cup chopped parsley Salt & pepper to taste ½ cup finely shredded sharp Vermont cheddar cheese   Remove corn husks and silk. Place […]


sandwich it in food spread
Sandwich It In

Whether it’s just a quick bite on the go or a carefully constructed masterpiece, one thing is clear: we love our sandwiches in America. Sandwiches are just as much a part of the fabric of American cuisine as pasta is to Italian food. Sure, the name might change as you move around the country, but as long as you layer bread with delicious toppings, it’s a sandwich…

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bistro henry 25
Bistro Henry Celebrates 25 Years

The party’s attendance was off the charts as were some favorites such as mac & cheese and the bountiful buffet of sweet and savory. Guests were entertained with tunes by the Chris Kleeman Band featuring Brian Hobs and Bobby Gagnier…

Good Works

blessings in a backpack
Food for Thought

Blessings in a Backpack is a national not-for-profit program that provides child-friendly, non-perishable weekend nutrition for schoolchildren in need during the school year. Manchester resident Nancy Kimball has just made it local…

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Holiday Entertaining
Holiday Entertaining

It’s your turn to host—don’t panic! We’re going to share a few tips on preparing the moistest of turkeys and provide recipes for accompanying sides to satisfy a diversity of palates and dietary needs. With a little planning you will create an easy, elegant, and welcoming gathering…

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woman selling vegetables at farmers market
It’s A Community Affair

Everyone comes together on Farmer’s Market Days to buy, sell, taste, explore, socialize, and explore the fresh and homemade delights that Vermont and its people have to offer…

Food & Drink

eggs in carton

Have you ever experienced the rich, clean, and creamy flavor of an egg a day or two after it appeared in the nest, from a hen that ranged freely in her yard and scratched up her own food? A farm-fresh egg can vary in size, and has a higher nutritional value than a supermarket egg. The shells often range in color from snowy white to pale blue, or pink, to dark brown – and any shade in between….

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taste of vermont 2017
Taste of Vermont

Taste of Vermont delights every year with a feast of edible goodies presented sampling style in the Stratton Mountain Base Lodge. More than 35 vendors came together on March 18 to offer up their signature, local cuisine to more than 400 guests. Purveyors included Fortuna’s Sausage & Italian Market, The Copper Grouse, Raven’s Den Steakhouse, […]

Good Works

Food is Love

For a few hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays each week, over in a jam-packed 800-square-foot corner at the Manchester Center Town Office, volunteers for the Community Food Cupboard greet their patrons one by one with big smiles and an even bigger gift of love for everyone—bagfuls of nutritious food…


The Holiday Glow

Some people just barely survive the holiday season, feeling worn, cranky, and tired, while others seem to glow day and night with joy and levitate with inner peace. We had to ask—is there a secret to feeling well, looking great, and celebrating every moment?…