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girl making snow angel in snow
Be Present. It’s a Gift.

In our busy lives, we hold multitasking in high esteem. Remember, to be present—it’s a gift. The team at Stratton Magazine wishes you all a happy, healthy, and meaningful holiday…

Features and Stories

girl in leaves
Fall For It

Autumn in Vermont appears with a very clear demarcation—the leaves suddenly turn and the evenings rapidly chill. As I write this, it is early August. Back-to-school ads are on TV and everyone is already echoing “I can’t believe the summer is over…”

From the Publisher

manchester vermont grist mill
Moving In

The air has already begun to turn crisp here in Manchester and the Mountains, but our adventures continue.

From the Publisher

A Glimpse of Things to Come

On behalf of all Stratton Magazine readers, I am extending the warmest thanks and best wishes to Lee Romano for his many years of dedication and endless contributions to this fine publication and our community. Also my personal thanks for passing the baton to me. It is an honor and privilege to be the new publisher of Stratton Magazine. Here’s a glimpse of some things to come.