Fighting the Winter Blues

We have been covered with a new, thick carpet of white all over our section of Vermont.  On a sunny day, it is beautifully bright and clean.  On a cloudy or snowy day, it can feel so cold and sad.  How can you bring more color into the winter landscape?  Here are some tips, from easy and temporary to a bit more of a commitment.  A quick, easy and fragrant fix is to pick up some flowers.  Spring colored tulips and daffodils are showing up at the market.  Fill even a few small vases and place around your home.  For more of a lift, there are  blooming hyacinths and primrose that have been forced for the winter.  Mass a group of these colorful plants in baskets or bowls and place on your dining table or window sills for a glimpse into Spring.Along the same lines, search out fresh scented candles.  Keep a candle on the kitchen counter and light it while cooking or cleaning up.  It is a great way to erase the odors trapped in our houses for the winter and provide a soft glow.

Another simple pick me up is to search out new, fun and colorful dishtowels or kitchen throw rugs.  These items tend to become a bit tired over time, and a refresh is a great way to bring color into your home.  Along these same lines, new pillows and a throw are another speedy update.  A popular solution is to have a collection of seasonal pillows and throws that you can change out as the mood or season suits you.  A ski house may call for a Nordic theme in the winter and change out to a woodland theme in the summer.

Lastly, in the big commitment category, there is a new paint color.  Perhaps you have been toying with the idea of an accent wall, or the powder room needs an good overhaul.  This is an opportunity to try a risky color or step up to a faux finish.

Margie Beckwith- Design Consultant
rk Miles- Manchester Center, VT

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