Von Bargen’s Jewelry offers beautiful, timeless pieces and expert style recommendations in the heart of Stratton Village

A Holiday trip to Stratton Mountain Resort doesn’t just provide an opportunity to enjoy incredible winter recreation – it also offers a chance to explore the intriguing jewelry pieces at Von Bargen’s Jewelry. In the center of Stratton Village, Von Bargen’s stands at the intersection of quality craftsmanship, creativity, and fashionable finery. Founded in Southern Vermont, they have earned a stellar reputation in the jewelry industry. Their five locations in Vermont and New Hampshire specialize in high-quality diamond jewelry, as well as in-house, custom jewelry creation services. The Von Bargen’s jewelry studio in Quechee is helmed by passionate and skilled jewelers, who create iconic, stylish, and versatile pieces.

Von Bargen’s thoughtfully-curated collection of designer pieces consists of showstopping bridal selections, as well as earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, bands, and charms, made by skilled artisan designers from around the globe. In the weeks leading up to the Holiday season, Stratton Magazine sat down with the staff of Von Bargen’s to learn more about their underlying philosophy of quality craft, elegant approachability, and authentic community connection.

Authentic, Elegant, and Approachable

At Von Bargen’s in Stratton Village, Store Manager Roxanne Prescott channels her longstanding passion for jewelry into building meaningful relationships with her clientele. Roxanne has worked in the jewelry business for several decades, and is well-versed and confident in all technical aspects. She is proud to work alongside Von Bargen’s Sales Representative and Model Photographer, Sam Blanc, to provide a welcoming and authentic shopping experience. “Sam has an incredible eye and natural stylistic intuition,” says Roxanne. “We take the time to really connect with customers and ask questions that go beyond the norm.” To that end, if someone is buying a gift at Von Bargen’s, Roxanne and Sam don’t just ask what type of jewelry they like—they dive much deeper over the course of the conversation. Roxanne adds: “We ask about their interests, and we work with our clients to get a full, cohesive understanding of their preferences.”

This discerning and attentive approach ensures every piece selected or recommended by Prescott or Blanc profoundly resonates with the wearer’s persona. Inquisitive interactions allow the staff to fully understand the recipient’s life, aspirations, and personal style. “The objective is to provide something that seamlessly integrates into their lifestyle,” notes Roxanne. She adds that the multifaceted culture of Southern Vermont is incredibly conducive to high-quality, versatile jewelry. “I don’t just wear my jewelry out to fancy dinners – I wear it when I go mountain biking. Many people come from Boston or New York, and they are so impressed by the selection of pieces that we offer here. They go back home and their friends ask, ‘Where did you get that?’ They are proud to report that they got it in Vermont, because the jewelry is fantastic, and it represents the wonderful memories they make here at Stratton.”

The way Roxanne sees it, patrons who come to Von Bargen’s are not merely purchasing finely-crafted jewelry—they are also obtaining a cherished fragment of the Southern Vermont community. Reflecting the authenticity, beauty, and the genuine, honest spirit of the Green Mountain State and Stratton Mountain Resort, Von Bargen’s Jewelry’s pieces are vibrant emblems of unique craftsmanship and genuine connection.

Sparkling Selections: Four Fantastic Holiday Gift Ideas from  Von Bargen’s

As the sparkle of Holiday merriment lights up your celebrations, stop in at Von Bargen’s to peruse their phenomenal product range. Their vast assortment of precious pieces spans a diverse continuum of styles, aesthetic influences, and price points, making it possible for patrons of all tastes and preferences to experience the magic of Holiday jewelry shopping.


Soft allure and dazzling sparkle coalesce in a mystical embrace: a pink pearl necklace adorned with pineapple-shaped diamonds. Aptly named ‘Rendezvous’, this necklace can be integrated into a variety of cosmopolitan styles. Its uniqueness and adaptability make it a distinctive addition to any jewelry collection.


Modern aesthetics meet timeless charm with Zobel’s sterling silver and 24-karat yellow gold, diamond-studded, “X and O,” earrings, which are bound to capture both hearts and awed glances alike this Holiday season. Blackened sterling silver creates an air of contemporary mystique, with petite, studded diamonds adding a delicate sparkle.

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn’s diamond sprinkle nail bracelet, meticulously crafted from hand-forged iron and inlaid diamonds, is a piece that stands out on its own, and also brings new life to jewelry collections when paired with more traditional diamond bracelets. The exquisite, novel hinges are a testament to Flynn’s unparalleled craftsmanship. They don’t only offer functional excellence – they also stand as a symbolic union of your cherished memories and present moments.

Toby Pomeroy

Toby Pomeroy’s hand-forged sterling silver or gold earrings and necklaces (the latter of which are delicately strung on linen with an adjustable cylinder) are versatile, accessible pieces that can seamlessly transition from day to night or casual to formal.